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A Story is Written by the Hearts of its Characters


The Dragonbond Chronicles

Koragi Domerie

Koragi Domerie, a woman of 16 years, abruptly learns that her parents are powerful gods. A prophecy proclaims that she is a force of good and light whose sole purpose is to bring an end to the greatest evil in Camriiole: the goddes Ariana.

Innocent and detached from many of the world's dangers, she is wholly unprepared for the trials set before her. Only with the help of loyal allies will she stand a chance against the timeless power of vile gods.



A strange and secretive swordsman, Tebanis has honed his senses and fighting skills to exceptional levels. He serves as the Captain of the Militia in Cordak until disaster strikes. He then abandons all of his social prestige in favor of guiding and protecting Koragi.

Tebanis maintains a calm bearing, expressing wisdom and knowledge far beyond his years.


Kyr Rondera

Kyr is an officer in the military city of Raitom. An old friend of Tebanis, he helps Koragi prepare for her duty by teaching her to wield a sword.

As the youngest man in history to rapidly climb the military ranks in Raitom, Kyr has earned respect from countless soldiers and foreign powers. Rumors indicate that he has turned down offers to join the Knights of Camriiole in favor of staying in Raitom.



Toport is a fierce and unfriendly dragon who serves as General of the eastern draconic army. While his often cold demeanor speaks of contempt and bitterness, he is unerringly loyal to Koragi and her quest.



Gronax is the last prince of the royal line of silver dragons. As the highest authority in dragon culture, he carries much weight. When his kind battle between a desire to assist Koragi and to slaughter her before she can grow in power, he must decide which path will lead to peace and the survival of his people.



Arais'kei is an ancient, blind ivory dragon, but her lack of visual sense does not impede her. Like all ivory dragons, she is a seer - one of the most hated and loved of dragons amongst their kind. She spoke the prophecy that described Koragi centuries ago and she actively seeks to see the prophecy fulfilled.

A loyal friend and ally of her prince, Gronax, Arais'kei aids and supports the efforts put forth by him and the rest of the goodly creatures who are brave enough to stand against the darkness.



The beautiful Ariana is a powerful and deadly goddess. She has fought a war against dragons for centuries, gathering minions to expand her impressive mortal army. When she learns of Koragi's presence, as well as the girl's ties to an ancient prophecy that speaks of the defeat of the wicked goddess, she sends her fiercest thralls on a hunt for the god-child. Ariana will not sit back and let prophecies decide her fate. The once-glorious dragons and their god-child pet will fall.



Adahmri is the first and only of the gods' children to Ascend. As a god, he is known for his frequent visits to human settlements. Unlike others of his kind, he enjoys partaking in the company of mortals and has earned a massive following as a result. While his motivations may be unclear, he is a helpful and friendly ally to Koragi, even though he is the son of the wicked goddess, Ariana.

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