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Jes A. Condrey

Fantasy Author


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Dragonbond by Jes A. Condrey

Dragonbond, Book One of The Dragonbond Chronicles, is now available!

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Hello! My name is Jes and I am a Fantasy author. I write because I love to write, and I hope that you're here because you love to read (or write)! Take a look around my site and feel free to connect with me on my blog, Facebook, or Twitter. I have just published my debut novel, Dragonbond, and I have a few other projects under way, as well. Take a look at the Ambitions tab above to see those!

Here you will find all manner of creatures, from elves and dwarves to gryphons and dragons - lots of dragons. There's no telling what lies around the corner.

The intent of this site is to spread the magic of worlds yet unknown, to share with my future readers the joys of mythical beasts both familiar and foreign. Throughout this site, you'll find information regarding the worlds I have created and the characters who make up every aspect of the stories that have emerged from them. Enjoy, and have a bit of fun!




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About Me

Jes A. Condrey has a passion for the Fantasy genre. Whether she's drawing, writing, or designing for Aether Forge Studio, the small business her husband owns, she spends the majority of her time creating. An avid gamer and lover of dragons, Jes enjoys sharing her stories in many different forms.

Dragonbond is her debut novel: the first of a planned series titled The Dragonbond Chronicles.

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